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South Dakota Photography Workshops

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We are excited to announce our next Photography Workshop at River Hills Lodge in Platte, SD. Sponsored by Stagecoach Gallery. This will be our third year of photography workshops in central South Dakota. Beginners Workshop is September 10 and includes lunch.  The Advanced Workshop is September 17 – 18 and includes Supper, Breakfast and Lunch.

The Beginners workshop will focus on getting to know your camera, how it works and how to control it to make the photographs you want. We will then show you how to use Adobe Lightroom to work your images and create spectacular images. In Chad’s workshops there are no boring slideshow presentations or sitting in the back of a classroom. He prefers to teach in a more conversational round table atmosphere. For that reason class sizes are limited to 10-12 people.

Here is What You Will Learn…

  • The basics of your camera and how it works
  • How to manually control your camera for the best images
  • Learn what all those numbers mean like f/stop, shutter speeds and iso
  • Looking for images that move you
  • How to compose images for the best presentation
  • Focus on the subject of your photograph
  • Use Adobe Lightroom to adjust your photos and create beautiful images
  • How to safely backup and store your photos
  • Why you should be printing your photographs and where to print them

The Advanced workshop will focus more on shooting in Manual setting, the importance of using the correct lighting, and there will also be a few photo safaris including one at night.  We will then dive even deeper into Adobe Lightroom.

So Where are the Workshops?

The workshops will be held at the River Hills Lodge East, just south of Platte South Dakota. The lodge has great accomodations as well as local hotels nearby. More information will be coming soon

So How Do I Register or Find Out More?

If you want to know more about the workshop, costs and local information contact Mary Hunt at the Stagecoach Gallery via facebook or call the Gallery at 605-680-0565

Why Platte?

Get away from it all! Platte is located two hours west of Sioux Falls, South Dakota and lays just minutes from the Missouri River. The wide open prairies of South Dakota offers beautiful sunsets and the feeling of solitude. Getting away from home, work or whatever is a great way to free your mind and learn. With our Artist Retreats at the Stagecoach Gallery, we have had people as far away from Houston, Texas and Virginia attend our workshops.

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