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Website Video – Madison South Dakota Video Production

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Few months ago we were hired by Greteman Group to create new video and photographs for the Global Polymer Company. The goal was to create different media pieces that not only represented their brand, but would show the world what they did and how they could help their clients. Global Polymer is a plastics company headquartered in a small South Dakota town of Madison. They are a great example of how a small rural town in the middle of the United States can have such an impact and service clients worldwide.

We are extremely pleased and impressed by the work of the Greteman Group and how they incorporated our photography and video to create a world class multimedia website. Working with companies like them is what helps to drive us and their expectations push us creatively.

Take a look at our work by visiting the Global Polymer website.

Global Polymer

Do you own a South Dakota manufacturing company? Looking to boost your company’s brand? Our video production and photography services are based in Sioux Falls, but we love to travel with our gear. More than just a pretty video or photo we work with our clients to create a new look that helps to elevate their brand identity in today’s social media and marketing world. We work directly with our clients, their marketing companies (Such as Greteman Group) or our social media partner, CyberClimb Online Marketing. When you are ready to make a move, let us know. More than anything we would like to hear your ideas and how our video and photography work may fit into your marketing plans.


Chad Phillips Photography is a commercial photography and video production company based in South Dakota. Chad is an award winning photographer with more than 15 years of experience. His photography and video services are available worldwide.

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2017 Sioux Falls Wedding Photography Packages

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It is hard to believe that 2017 is just now 12 hours away! How are your plans for your wedding day coming along? I thought I would take a moment to share with you our updated wedding day packages. One of the cool features is we have brought back our Four Hour Wedding package for 2017. All of our wedding packages are the same in that you get will get the most creative photographs, best service and experience. All you have to do is choose how many hours you would like photography coverage on your wedding day. Before you make that decision I would suggest that you call us. We invite you to come into our Sioux Falls studio. Let us hear your ideas for your wedding day.

Our Wedding Day packages now start at only $1,890. Browse over to our Wedding Photography page and check out all of our options.

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Im Engaged, Now what?

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Christmas is over and 2017 is just hours away and you are engaged! Congratulations! The excitement and all of the details about your Wedding Day starts now. Experts in the wedding industry say the first two things to check off your list are your wedding venue and your photographer. There are a number of great churches and other venues in South Dakota to host your wedding. All depends on what you want your wedding day story to be! Do you want a more traditional church wedding? How about a more intimate ceremony in a beautiful secluded outdoor location. It is your wedding day, design it the way you dreamed it.

Hiring a photographer is an important part to make sure your wedding day is captured as the story unfolds. We don’t take weddings lightly. We believe a wedding ceremony is sacred and should be respected. Make sure your photographer is capable to photograph all of the family and wedding party group photos as well as paying attention to everything going on around them.

The family and wedding party photos are really important for your family history. Well composed photos of your ceremony will tell a story for a lifetime. Your photographer should be able to get the job done without you knowing he was even there. (Oh we have heard the horror stories). It is all of the little moments in between that help to fill in your wedding day story. People signing the guest book, Grandma wiping tear, Dad looking on so proudly.

I enjoy photographing weddings. Each couple, their engagement session and wedding day photography are all uniquely different. We are not only their to photograph your day, we are in a sense investing ourselves into your whole wedding experience. I personally promise we make every effort to make your overall experience a great one. That is why we only photograph six weddings a year. My commitment is photograph each wedding day uniquely creative and give it 110%.

Want to talk about your Wedding Photography and your big day? We invite you to come into our studio and let us hear your ideas.

Take a look at our Wedding Photography Packages, Take a look at some of our past work. Then call us at 605-336-0777.

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South Dakota Photography Workshops

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We are excited to announce our next Photography Workshop at River Hills Lodge in Platte, SD. Sponsored by Stagecoach Gallery. This will be our third year of photography workshops in central South Dakota. Beginners Workshop is September 10 and includes lunch.  The Advanced Workshop is September 17 – 18 and includes Supper, Breakfast and Lunch.

The Beginners workshop will focus on getting to know your camera, how it works and how to control it to make the photographs you want. We will then show you how to use Adobe Lightroom to work your images and create spectacular images. In Chad’s workshops there are no boring slideshow presentations or sitting in the back of a classroom. He prefers to teach in a more conversational round table atmosphere. For that reason class sizes are limited to 10-12 people.

Here is What You Will Learn…

  • The basics of your camera and how it works
  • How to manually control your camera for the best images
  • Learn what all those numbers mean like f/stop, shutter speeds and iso
  • Looking for images that move you
  • How to compose images for the best presentation
  • Focus on the subject of your photograph
  • Use Adobe Lightroom to adjust your photos and create beautiful images
  • How to safely backup and store your photos
  • Why you should be printing your photographs and where to print them

The Advanced workshop will focus more on shooting in Manual setting, the importance of using the correct lighting, and there will also be a few photo safaris including one at night.  We will then dive even deeper into Adobe Lightroom.

So Where are the Workshops?

The workshops will be held at the River Hills Lodge East, just south of Platte South Dakota. The lodge has great accomodations as well as local hotels nearby. More information will be coming soon

So How Do I Register or Find Out More?

If you want to know more about the workshop, costs and local information contact Mary Hunt at the Stagecoach Gallery via facebook or call the Gallery at 605-680-0565

Why Platte?

Get away from it all! Platte is located two hours west of Sioux Falls, South Dakota and lays just minutes from the Missouri River. The wide open prairies of South Dakota offers beautiful sunsets and the feeling of solitude. Getting away from home, work or whatever is a great way to free your mind and learn. With our Artist Retreats at the Stagecoach Gallery, we have had people as far away from Houston, Texas and Virginia attend our workshops.

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Sioux Falls Architectural Photography

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One of the greatest things about what we do is the variety of work we are hired to photograph. Doing Architectural Photography takes us all around the upper midwest. We work with some of the larger construction companies to create images they use for promotion of their services…
Real Estate PhotographyThis home was cut and fully built in Canada before it was completely disassembled and transported to South Dakota. Once it arrived on site the builder re-assembled the home and placed all the finishing touches to it. It is a beautiful home that reflects the part of the country the owner lives in.
Log Cabin House.jpg 3This log cabin home is unique in it’s style and decor. The photographs had to reflect that. Showing the hand cut logs to the custom fireplace and mantle.
Log Cabin House.jpg 2If you are working on a custom architectural project and are interested in photography that reflects your work, we would love to visit with you. Visit our architectural photo gallery to see more of our work.

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Hunger, Homeless and Poverty in South Dakota

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They Are Forgotten is a short film created by Chad Phillips to bring awareness to the issues of hunger, homelessness and poverty on the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation in South Dakota. Our goal is to bring support to The Mustard Seed, a non profit agency in Eagle Butte. The Mustard Seed runs off a slim budget with funds from gracious donors.
This weekend we are in Washington DC at the National Anti-Hunger Conference networking with others from around the nation, promoting the issue in Eagle Butte and how can we bring our neighbors help.

The Story…

Imagine going home to sleep, but you have no house. If you are lucky you might have a tent or maybe a piece of cardboard to lay on, where owning a blanket is a luxury.

You lay down freezing to death, your body shakes because you are cold and hungry. You couldn’t eat today because there was no place open to feed you. You wake up the next morning with your only goal to find some place warm and hoping for something to eat.

Sounds like the beginning of third world country story doesn’t it…

Welcome to Eagle Butte South Dakota. Population 1,350 people. A beacon of civilization that is one hundred miles from nowhere. Eagle Butte is located on the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation and located in one of the poorest counties in the United States, right here in South Dakota. Unemployment is high and the number of people homeless in this community is staggering. People can go days without eating. With inadequate shelters, people find themselves sleeping outdoors in -20 degree weather during the cold winter months. Some have even died from exposure while sleeping.

Eagle Butte is one hundred miles from Pierre South Dakota, the closest place that represents a small city. Eagle Butte is 300 miles from the states major metropolitan city of Sioux Falls. Yet it serves as the center of the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation. An area covering 4,000 square miles of northern great plains.

Our society looks anxiously over the distant horizon to help others in need half a world away. Yet we ignore people in our own backyard who every day go hungry or are looking for a safe place to sleep. In urban cities there are shelters, missions and homes supported by the larger community. In larger cities there are simply more resources available to the homeless and hungry than in rural areas.

People of all races find their way to Eagle Butte looking for food, shelter, hope and a community. Desperate for a sustainable way of life. Too often the outside world’s view of life on the reservation is clouded. We think the tribes are funded with an abundance of money from the federal government. Natives are given monthly checks to live one. Housing is free for those on the reservation. Life is grand right? That couldn’t be further from the truth

Unemployment runs 80% or higher. Many communities are without adequate water systems. It is common for multiple families to occupy a home built for four people. Desperate homeless people will make their way into boarded up and abandoned structures just to escape the cold frigid weather. Then there is the challenge of getting food boxes and health services to those shut in or with no transportation in outlaying communities.

Life in remote rural communities like Eagle Butte can be harsh.-

Yet there is hope, there is pride, there is help. The Mustard Seed is a non-profit organization that was started in an effort to feed the people and provide temporary shelter from the cold. Today the Mustard Seed feeds on average, over 150 people per meal with that total reaching over 250 per meal by months end. It is difficult to find fresh and healthy food to serve the people. They have to fight with other organizations to even get day old bread left over from a local fast food restaurant. Some days there just simply is no food to serve the people.
On the off days that the Mustard Seed is closed, the volunteers will buy loafs of bread and peanut butter, going around the community to make sure the people are fed.

Currently the Mustard Seed serves from an old phone building that is inadequate and not hospitable for serving food or housing people. We are looking to the future of designing and building a facility that will allow us to serve hot meals, provide a safe haven during the day and temporary housing for the homeless. The facility will also help to provide jobs and volunteer positions in the community.

The Mustard Seed relies on donations from the community and churches, yet those donation fall way short.

We have the opportunity to help those living in a what seems to be a third world country right here in the USA. With your support we can help not to enable, but to empower a community of people to serve themselves. Your support can help to feed the hungry and give temporary shelter to those families needing a roof over their head. Your continued support in the future will help us to build a shelter that will benefit the community for future generations.

Find us on Social Media…

Our Project:
twitter: @chadphillips
snapchat: @chadlyphillips
Beme: @chadphillips
Instagram: @chadphillipsphotography
anchor: @chadphillips

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