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2017 Sioux Falls Wedding Photography Packages

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It is hard to believe that 2017 is just now 12 hours away! How are your plans for your wedding day coming along? I thought I would take a moment to share with you our updated wedding day packages. One of the cool features is we have brought back our Four Hour Wedding package for 2017. All of our wedding packages are the same in that you get will get the most creative photographs, best service and experience. All you have to do is choose how many hours you would like photography coverage on your wedding day. Before you make that decision I would suggest that you call us. We invite you to come into our Sioux Falls studio. Let us hear your ideas for your wedding day.

Our Wedding Day packages now start at only $1,890. Browse over to our Wedding Photography page and check out all of our options.

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Im Engaged, Now what?

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Christmas is over and 2017 is just hours away and you are engaged! Congratulations! The excitement and all of the details about your Wedding Day starts now. Experts in the wedding industry say the first two things to check off your list are your wedding venue and your photographer. There are a number of great churches and other venues in South Dakota to host your wedding. All depends on what you want your wedding day story to be! Do you want a more traditional church wedding? How about a more intimate ceremony in a beautiful secluded outdoor location. It is your wedding day, design it the way you dreamed it.

Hiring a photographer is an important part to make sure your wedding day is captured as the story unfolds. We don’t take weddings lightly. We believe a wedding ceremony is sacred and should be respected. Make sure your photographer is capable to photograph all of the family and wedding party group photos as well as paying attention to everything going on around them.

The family and wedding party photos are really important for your family history. Well composed photos of your ceremony will tell a story for a lifetime. Your photographer should be able to get the job done without you knowing he was even there. (Oh we have heard the horror stories). It is all of the little moments in between that help to fill in your wedding day story. People signing the guest book, Grandma wiping tear, Dad looking on so proudly.

I enjoy photographing weddings. Each couple, their engagement session and wedding day photography are all uniquely different. We are not only their to photograph your day, we are in a sense investing ourselves into your whole wedding experience. I personally promise we make every effort to make your overall experience a great one. That is why we only photograph six weddings a year. My commitment is photograph each wedding day uniquely creative and give it 110%.

Want to talk about your Wedding Photography and your big day? We invite you to come into our studio and let us hear your ideas.

Take a look at our Wedding Photography Packages, Take a look at some of our past work. Then call us at 605-336-0777.

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