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More Than Just a Pretty Picture…

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We quite often receive inquiries from commercial clients that say something like “We are looking for marketing photos” or “Our company needs a video”. Then… (key the sound of chirping crickets). They know they need new photos or maybe a video, but they are not sure why. Once the product is delivered they may not know what to do with it. Worst case they receive the product and never implement it.

(Sheila Anderson – Image Power Play)

That is where we pick up the conversation. Sure we produce the photographs or video project that really showcases their businesses service and/or product. However it doesn’t end there. I like to tell our clients that “We invest in your business”. We are not a one off photography studio. In our initial conversations it is important to us to find out what our clients end goals are? Why do you need new photos or video? Where will you use them? In the past that is where we as an industry have failed to fill in the gaps. Maybe I should say we didn’t need to, nor were expected to.

Today’s marketing world has changed that. No longer is print or television the primary outlet for marketing. Social Media is the new platform. That platform is changing daily. Because of that, a couple years ago we noticed that we need to change…

Today our photography has grown beyond a pretty picture. Gone are the days that we just snap the photos and hand them off. More and more we are getting involved with our clients marketing projects. Offering input, creative production and distribution.

Photography and video are the tools with which we work with. The real addiction is helping our clients and watching their business grow. No longer do we run our own business as a “photographer”. We run it as an entrepreneur, as a business. Passing that passion on to our own clients. It’s more than and well beyond a pretty picture…


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