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Leadercast Sioux Falls Event Photography

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Last year I was hired to cover the Leadercast Live event in Sioux Falls. Leadercast is an event that is designed to help reignite a persons fire for business, people, leadership and entrepreneurship. The event is held live at a larger venue in the US and broadcast to satellite locations throughout the country and the world. It really is pretty inspiring and great way to interface with other business leaders in the community. A lot is going on. You have speakers nationally being piped in and coordinated with local speakers and emcees. There are business owners, managers, sales people and entrepreneur minded folks interacting and exchanging ideas. What people don’t see is what happens in the back ground. All the technology that has to be up 100% of the time. There is a crew that in most events like this go unnoticed by the those attending. They are the experts who really make the event happen.

 When I get to spend time back stage I am amazed at the web of cables, multiple screens and and cases of gear stacked to put on a show. Andrew Simmons and crew are behind the curtain making sure the live streams stay up, mics are working and the everyone is happy. We were happy to see AV Technology magazine pickup the story of Andrew Simmons and our photographs. It never gets old seeing our images in use, wherever it may be.

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