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Sioux Falls Wedding Photographer Having Fun

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Yes that is me jumping into the pool with the wedding party! In an earlier post I mentioned how each couple, engagement and wedding are creatively unique. Cody and Tonee’s wedding was no exception. We they told me their wedding was at the Ramada Inn in Sioux Falls, I immediately got the idea of “Hey lets jump in the pool”. Of course most brides wouldn’t consider it, but Tonee is wasn’t your typical bride. I arranged it with the hotel, Cody checked with the Tux people and Tonee? “Im only planning on wearing the dress once, lets do it!” I geeked out over the whole thought and planted gopro cameras in the pool and ended up making a video of it all. It ended up being one of the highlites of their day. Something no one in the wedding party (or me!) will ever forget.

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