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Sioux Falls Family Portraits

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For us it is all about relationships. Getting to know your family a bit and it’s overall personality. Creating family portraits is something we don’t take lightly. Quiet often we hear “We haven’t had a family portrait in…(insert a number of years here)!” So when families come in for their portrait, we take the time to make sure we capture images that reflects the family and the personalities that make up your family.
familes 2
We believe Family Portraits are family heirlooms. In an age where digital images are kept on our phones, a framed Family Portrait is designed to last for generations. A reminder and reflection of everyone at this moment in time.
familes 3Sioux Falls has an abundance of great parks and locations for summer time Family Portraits. Want to talk about your ideas for doing Family Portraits? Call or stop by our studio. We would love to hear your thoughts.

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South Dakota Wedding Photography

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We are experienced Wedding Photographers that love to capture images from your special day. We look to photograph all the fun little moments as well as to create special, beautiful images of the two of you. We have the years of experience to know what needs to be done and look for those special spontaneous moments.
weddings 3It’s about looking outside the box and create something that maybe has not been done before and unique for your wedding day. It’s not uncommon for us to head off to do photos somewhere and to suddenly take a detour to a location that is different and inspiring…
weddings 5

The wedding day photos we capture all depends on what you want out of your special day. For most they want a mix of traditional photos mixed with our creative stylized portraits. For others it’s something different. We would love to sit down with you and hear your ideas.
weddingsAll of our Wedding Day Photography Packages come with a complimentary engagement session. Photographing your engagement is a great way to get to know our couples. You learn how we work and get to know us before your big day. Take a look at our wedding photography gallery. Then jump over to our wedding packages page to see our different wedding day packages.

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Sioux Falls Architectural Photography

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One of the greatest things about what we do is the variety of work we are hired to photograph. Doing Architectural Photography takes us all around the upper midwest. We work with some of the larger construction companies to create images they use for promotion of their services…
Real Estate PhotographyThis home was cut and fully built in Canada before it was completely disassembled and transported to South Dakota. Once it arrived on site the builder re-assembled the home and placed all the finishing touches to it. It is a beautiful home that reflects the part of the country the owner lives in.
Log Cabin House.jpg 3This log cabin home is unique in it’s style and decor. The photographs had to reflect that. Showing the hand cut logs to the custom fireplace and mantle.
Log Cabin House.jpg 2If you are working on a custom architectural project and are interested in photography that reflects your work, we would love to visit with you. Visit our architectural photo gallery to see more of our work.

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Flushing The Brain {North Dakota Scenery}

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Whether you are a business owner or artist, every so often you need to take a break from the world, get out of your office and… flush the brain. Although I could jokingly say it’s just an excuse to take a trip, truth is everyone needs to take a break now and then. Last October my good friend Ron and I took off for a a three day trip to the Theodore Roosevelt National Park in western North Dakota.
North Dakota BadlandsWe tent camped for a couple nights inside the park. Doing so allowed us to be up before sunrise and photograph late into the night. The North Dakota Badlands is a beautiful place to visit. The majority of the population thinks there is nothing too see in the upper midwest, but they are wrong. Maybe the benefit to being here is it is so far removed from the more populous cities that it just does not see the same traffic as more well known National Parks. The Badlands are full of wildlife, and majestic views. In fact one night after we were done photographing, we were driving with our hands out the windows shining our flashlites into the areas to the side of the road. I don’t know if you have ever seen a bison in real life, but they can be huge. And if you tangle with one, trust me you lose.
Camping in Theodore Roosevelt National ParkThe goal of our trip was to get away from our hectic schedules and spend some time creating for ourselves. As I mentioned earlier, you can never leave it behind. I have come to accept that as a curse but more as a blessing. There is no doubt I was put on this earth to create images that impact peoples lives. Over the past six years one of the things I have really enjoyed is photographing at night under the stars. The image above is an image was photographed with a fisheye lens pretty much looking straight up. I really enjoy this image. It reminds me of what most people don’t get to see or even take the time to look up. It is the challenge and thought of creating images like this that helps to fuel our passion for what we do. It allows us to think outside of the box and try something completely different.
This summer we will be spending a full week inside the South Dakota Badlands National Park. I am really looking forward to the opportunity to photograph the Badlands and create images that reflect the remoteness and spectacular views of rural South Dakota.
2016logotransThis year our National Park Service celebrates its 100 year anniversary. We look forward to celebrating the occasion and sharing our images with you… Now put down the phone and go enjoy the world…

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{Sioux Falls Commercial Photographer} Magazine Article

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Recently we were contracted by Greenspring Media to photograph a portrait for the Bush Foundation “B Magazine”. They were writing an article on local Sioux Falls Attorney, Taneeza Islam and were looking for an environmental portrait. It took some work but we were able to get permission to photograph in the Federal Courthouse in Sioux Falls. Not only in the building, but we were given access to a courtroom for a 20 minute window. All the paperwork and phone calls paid off. We were let into the courtroom, quickly setup and in 15 minutes we were back out. I personally love challenges like this to photograph in locations that are typically hard to accomplish. You can read the online version of the article here.
Sioux Falls Lawyer

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Senior Photography Questions

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We get a lot of questions from parents about High School Senior Photos. So we wanted to take a few minutes and answer some of the more common questions we hear. If you have any questions not listed below, feel free to contact us!


  1. Do You Have a Studio?
    Our commercial studio is located at 1908 W. 42nd Street in Sioux Falls. Just one block east of 42nd and Western Avenue. Our studio is a spacious 1600+ square feet with a large camera room and dressing room. We have a nice selection of backdrops to fit pretty much any personality.
  2. Can We Do Photos Outdoors?
    Of course we can! Our studio is just minutes from great parks, outdoor areas and downtown. We can do part or all of your senior photos outdoors. You decide.
  3. How much does it cost?
    Our Senior Sessions are priced pretty simply. Take a look at our sessions and fees here…
  4. How Many Outifts Can I Bring?
    As many as you want. We suggest about two to three outifts per hour of photography. Our dressing room is quite large and can most likely fit your closet.
  5. Can I Bring My Parents or a Friend?
    Of course parents are always welcomed and encouraged to come along. Because time is important, a friend that comes along will be able to watch from the dressing room. Although we suggest leaving friends at home…
  6. How Long Before I Can See My Photos?
    The proofs from your session will be ready in about one week after your session. In fact when you call to reserve your photo session, we will setup your viewing session at the same time
  7. Can I Purchase a Disc of the Images?
    Yes you can. A disc with your images is available for purchase!

We have been doing senior photography for 15 years and have heard every question in the book. If you have a question or just want more information, feel free to contact us any time at 605-336-0777

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Our Senior Photo Packages Explained…

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Over the past 15 years with our business in Sioux Falls, one of the things we have learned is our clients like it when you are up front with them. That is why we have developed our Senior Photo sessions to be pretty straight forward, yet giving you the flexibility to purchase what you want. So let me take a moment to explain our senior photo sessions…

Senior Photo Magazine Shoot

The Nuts and Bolts of it all…

  • There are no minimum purchases.
  • No hidden Fees.
  • No limit on the number of outfits.
  • Photos available in studio AND outdoors.
  • Digital Images are available
  • Studio credit can be used to purchase any prints or products from our studio.

Our Senior Photo Packages…

The 180 $550
$450 Studio Credit
Up to 3 hours.
In studio and multiple locations in Sioux Falls.
Unlimited outfits

The 120 $450
$400 Studio Credit
Up to 2 hours.
In studio and 1 location
Unlimited outfits

The 60 $350
$300 Studio Credit
1 hour .
In studio and 1 location


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Sioux Falls Senior Photography

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Our Senior Photo Sessions for this year are pretty simple.

For 2017 High School Seniors, we are once again offering our ‘Inclusive” photo packages. We offer three different packages. With each package it includes your Senior Session fee and a studio credit that can be used to purchase anything from our studio for your Senior Session. It is that simple. There are no hidden costs. No minimum purchases. No required packages. You purchase what you want. Simple huh?

Kind of cracks me up but we always receive calls every year from a parent that has that tone in their voice. Looking for the added costs they just know gotta be there. Our philosophy is we want your business and your friendship. We want our clients to know and feel that when they come to our studio they will be taken care of time and time again.

To see our session in more detail, click here.

We are the most creative when it comes to senior photos.

Where Can I Have My Photos Taken?
Depending on which package you choose, we will normally start in our studio and then take off to a location of your choice. Honestly the choice is yours. we have so many backgrounds in our studio to work with as well as many great locations located within a short driving distance. Want to do all of your photos outside? No problem, we can do that!

What type of photos do you take?
The number one comment we hear from our clients is they want photos that look like themselves and not someone they are not. Although we keep up with latest trends in photography and do try different looks, we like to create images that are timeless with an artistic twist. The last thing you want to do is come home five years later to see a photo that is out of style displayed on Moms wall. Above all else, we respect who you are. Your photos will reflect the real you, not someone made up ; )

High School Senior PicturesJust How Expensive Are Your Prints?
Honestly all of the prints and products we sell through our studio are very reasonable compared to others. We guarantee the quality of your purchase through our studio.

Can I get the digital files?
Yes you can! They are available for purchase with your Senior Photo Package.

Want To Know More?
Feel free to contact our studio any time. If you would like to stop by and take a tour, just give us a call ahead of time. We would be happy to welcome you.

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How Not To Be a Wedding DJ (Or Photographer)

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Not too long ago I was photographing a wedding. When I arrived at the reception venue I  made my way to the DJ booth to introduce myself and find out his evening dance schedule. Great guy, but a comment he made to me took me by surprise.

As a wedding photographer, I also have the responsibility of wedding coordinator, flower pinner, security and some times marriage counselor. Seriously it has happened. So typically when I arrive at the wedding reception there is a hand off of sorts. A hand off of duties and working with the bride and groom. The last thing a couple wants is to be nagged all the time with questions and be bothered.

A couple of weeks before the wedding date, we will meet with our bride. Go over a list of questions we have and then walk through what their day will be like with regards to photographs. By the time a bride has reserved their date with us, they already know about and like our photography look and feel. Going through their wedding day we lay down the plans of who needs to be where and when. What photos we are going to take in the church and outside. By the time a bride leaves our meeting, she knows we have a game plan. Doing so makes our brides (and Moms!) feel more comfortable about their wedding day schedule. They know we are in control and will get the job done.

So when the couple’s big day arrives, they know when we are going to start photos and be done well in advance of their ceremony. They also know that when we arrive at the reception is when we start to back off and shoot from the shadows. The wedding is over, they have been bombarded by so many people they really just want to relax and enjoy the nights festivities. We will continue our reception photos with minimal interruption.

Back to the DJ. Again great guy, did a nice job of keeping activities going. However what he told the bride and groom really caught me off guard and made my think about our approach to wedding photography. He told the couple that “I am going to be on your butts on all night”. Going on to say that he will be by their sides all night. The last part of his comment was “By the end of the night, you are going to be sick of seeing my face”.  It doesn’t matter if your are the DJ or photographer. You don’t want to ever tell your clients that! The couple should never feel that way.

When you are working with a wedding couple, you most likely are providing a service. With that service should come a good experience, not one that will be annoying. Be in control. Make sure that the couple feels you know what you are doing and that you are going to take care of them. Create a great experience, go beyond their expectations. Don’t ever go in with the attitude or worse yet tell your client that they will be sick of you. Tell them that and they are certain to think it.

What he said made a lasting impression on me and something I take to heart now. The past couple of weddings I think back to that DJ moment and remind myself to make the wedding day as pleasant as I can for my couples.

Just as you should choose your wedding photographer that is a good fit, so should you choose your DJ. Have your photographer booked already? Ask who they would recommend. We do.

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Hunger, Homeless and Poverty in South Dakota

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They Are Forgotten is a short film created by Chad Phillips to bring awareness to the issues of hunger, homelessness and poverty on the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation in South Dakota. Our goal is to bring support to The Mustard Seed, a non profit agency in Eagle Butte. The Mustard Seed runs off a slim budget with funds from gracious donors.
This weekend we are in Washington DC at the National Anti-Hunger Conference networking with others from around the nation, promoting the issue in Eagle Butte and how can we bring our neighbors help.

The Story…

Imagine going home to sleep, but you have no house. If you are lucky you might have a tent or maybe a piece of cardboard to lay on, where owning a blanket is a luxury.

You lay down freezing to death, your body shakes because you are cold and hungry. You couldn’t eat today because there was no place open to feed you. You wake up the next morning with your only goal to find some place warm and hoping for something to eat.

Sounds like the beginning of third world country story doesn’t it…

Welcome to Eagle Butte South Dakota. Population 1,350 people. A beacon of civilization that is one hundred miles from nowhere. Eagle Butte is located on the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation and located in one of the poorest counties in the United States, right here in South Dakota. Unemployment is high and the number of people homeless in this community is staggering. People can go days without eating. With inadequate shelters, people find themselves sleeping outdoors in -20 degree weather during the cold winter months. Some have even died from exposure while sleeping.

Eagle Butte is one hundred miles from Pierre South Dakota, the closest place that represents a small city. Eagle Butte is 300 miles from the states major metropolitan city of Sioux Falls. Yet it serves as the center of the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation. An area covering 4,000 square miles of northern great plains.

Our society looks anxiously over the distant horizon to help others in need half a world away. Yet we ignore people in our own backyard who every day go hungry or are looking for a safe place to sleep. In urban cities there are shelters, missions and homes supported by the larger community. In larger cities there are simply more resources available to the homeless and hungry than in rural areas.

People of all races find their way to Eagle Butte looking for food, shelter, hope and a community. Desperate for a sustainable way of life. Too often the outside world’s view of life on the reservation is clouded. We think the tribes are funded with an abundance of money from the federal government. Natives are given monthly checks to live one. Housing is free for those on the reservation. Life is grand right? That couldn’t be further from the truth

Unemployment runs 80% or higher. Many communities are without adequate water systems. It is common for multiple families to occupy a home built for four people. Desperate homeless people will make their way into boarded up and abandoned structures just to escape the cold frigid weather. Then there is the challenge of getting food boxes and health services to those shut in or with no transportation in outlaying communities.

Life in remote rural communities like Eagle Butte can be harsh.-

Yet there is hope, there is pride, there is help. The Mustard Seed is a non-profit organization that was started in an effort to feed the people and provide temporary shelter from the cold. Today the Mustard Seed feeds on average, over 150 people per meal with that total reaching over 250 per meal by months end. It is difficult to find fresh and healthy food to serve the people. They have to fight with other organizations to even get day old bread left over from a local fast food restaurant. Some days there just simply is no food to serve the people.
On the off days that the Mustard Seed is closed, the volunteers will buy loafs of bread and peanut butter, going around the community to make sure the people are fed.

Currently the Mustard Seed serves from an old phone building that is inadequate and not hospitable for serving food or housing people. We are looking to the future of designing and building a facility that will allow us to serve hot meals, provide a safe haven during the day and temporary housing for the homeless. The facility will also help to provide jobs and volunteer positions in the community.

The Mustard Seed relies on donations from the community and churches, yet those donation fall way short.

We have the opportunity to help those living in a what seems to be a third world country right here in the USA. With your support we can help not to enable, but to empower a community of people to serve themselves. Your support can help to feed the hungry and give temporary shelter to those families needing a roof over their head. Your continued support in the future will help us to build a shelter that will benefit the community for future generations.

Find us on Social Media…

Our Project:
twitter: @chadphillips
snapchat: @chadlyphillips
Beme: @chadphillips
Instagram: @chadphillipsphotography
anchor: @chadphillips

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