Why Do I Need Video For My Website?

  • It’s more than just pretty video. Sites like Google will rank your website higher because you have video integrated.
  • If a photo is worth a thousand words, then video must be a million! With video inside your website, people will spend more time on your site, therefore getting you more attention.
  • It’s all about the experience. After watching your video, people feel more connected with you.
  • Education! Video allows you to showcase your business. Demonstrating your services or products.

Integrating Video with Social Media

So you want a video made… Now what!? You will hear us say “It’s more than just a pretty video” because it just doesn’t end there. You need to do something with it but just are not sure. No worries, we can handle it. Although our specialty is photography and video production we understand website design, social media like Facebook and marketing. That is the world we live and work in. Working with our business partners, we develop marketing plans and strategies for our clients. Our goal is to get you the most exposure for your money and new clients. Call us today. Let us know your ideas and lets see how we can help you.


It’s about more than just a pretty video. Marketing in today’s world can be confusing. We work with our clients to create a video that best represents their brand and gets them exposure. We even have the resources to help you come up with a social media marketing plan that will gain you exposure to your target audience and potential clients. Let us show you how we can help to elevate your business.


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Real Estate

In today’s competitive Real Estate market your property needs to stand out and show it’s value to buyers. We get that. Our company works with agents to scale a video project to suit their property and get the exposure they need in today’s world. From a simple slide show to full on production with our drone and crane, we invest in your project to create a real estate video that sets you apart.


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This past year we introduced our aerial photography and and aerial video services with our new Drone. Our drone services are a great addition to your commercial video project and real estate listings. Chad is an FAA licensed UAS remote aircraft pilot. Want to learn more about how our aerial services are used? Take a trip over to our drone page.


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